Bangladeshis are the most in trouble with housing in Britain

Bangladeshis are the most in trouble with housing in Britain
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The Bangladeshi community is suffering the most from the housing crisis in Britain. Several lakh Bangladeshis are suffering year after year with housing. Many have been living with families of four in a hostel room for more than four years.

Parents are living in one room with adult son and daughter. Being on the waiting list for a council house, even after ten years, there is no chance of bidding. Many hostels do not have cooking facilities, ten people are using shared toilets.

Especially the Bangladeshis living in the slums of London are suffering more than any other ethnic minority community in the country. This picture emerged from the results of a recent ONS survey.

About 34 per cent of British Bangladeshi people lived in social housing, which is seven times higher than the number of British Indians, who had the lowest number of people in social housing of any group, with five per cent.

An estimated 16 per cent of British Pakistanis live in social housing.

British Bangladeshis were also the ethnic group most likely to live in overcrowded households, with nearly two-fifths (39 per cent) living in this situation on census day. That was significantly higher than the average of all British Asians, 23 per cent of whom were reported to be living in over crowded housing.

Rental prices across the UK have also risen at their fastest pace in seven years, according to the ONS.

Private rental tenants saw a 5.1 per cent increase in the 12 months to June 2023, the largest annual percentage change since re cords began in 2016.

According to the ONS, Indian employees had higher earnings (£17.29-per-hour) compared to white British employees (£14.42 per hour), but Bangladeshi (£11.90) and Pakistani (£12.50) employees earned significantly less than white British and Indian employees.

Two thirds of UK mortgage customers want more flexibility from lenders, research has found. The survey also revealed a further 37 percent are more inclined to look beyond big banks and traditional high street lenders for their mortgage needs over the next 12 months.

Abdul Qadir, a housing and mortgage consultant for the Bangladeshi community in Britain, told to daily dazzling dawn on Friday that most Bangladeshis work in low-paid jobs in Britain. So the effect of housing crisis on them is fatal. The rent in private rented house sector is several times higher.

Councilor Ohid Ahmed, former deputy mayor of Tower Hamlets Council, said the constant increase in gas, water, electricity and council tax was making people’s lives unbearable. Housing crisis affects people’s physical and mental health.

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