France’s ‘talent passport’: Know about four-year visa

France’s ‘talent passport’: Know about four-year visa
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Are you interested in relocating to France? The “talent passport” offered by the nation might be the answer. The visa, designed to stimulate the economy, permits foreigners to reside and work in France for a first four-year period.

Since its inception in 2017, it has expanded to include investors and highly compensated staff in addition to a subset of highly talented international workers.

Everything you need to know about the French “passeport talent” is provided here, including eligibility requirements and necessary talents.

Who’s eligible for a French talent passport?

France’s talent passport is available to non-EU nationals who are likely to make a significant contribution to the country’s economy or culture.

This includes highly qualified and highly paid employees, such as researchers with Master’s degrees, artists and performers, and people renowned in the domains of science, literature, the arts, academia, education or sports.

Business founders and stakeholders investing at least €30,000 can apply too, providing they fulfil certain requirements such as having a Master’s degree or five year’s professional experience. Economic investment in certain other areas can also make you eligible.

Employees or founders of an innovative enterprise recognised by a public body, employees posted in France by an international company, and legal company representatives overseeing affairs in France can also apply for a talent passport.

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Do you need to speak French to get a talent passport?

France recently brought in stricter laws for some residency cards, raising the required language proficiency.

For resident’s cards and multi-year residency cards, it has been raised from A1 (beginner) to A2 (pre-intermediate). Applicants are required to pass a test to prove their language skills. For the 10-year carte de résident, it has been raised from A2 to B1 (lower intermediate).

But there’s good news if you’re still brushing up on your French skills: the talent passport is excluded from the new rules.

Can your family join you on a French talent passport?

Your family members can join you on your French talent passport. Your spouse and children will be issued with multi-year residence permits, which allow over-18s to work in the country.

The permits can be obtained from your local police station on arrival in France.

How long does a French talent passport last?

To be eligible for the talent passport, your employment contract and your stay in France must exceed three months. Highly qualified employees must have a contract of at least one year.

In the two months following your arrival in France, you can apply for a multi-year residence permit of up to four years. This can be renewed every four years, provided you still meet the salary and type of work requirements.

What is the salary threshold for France’s talent passport?

The talent passport’s salary threshold depends on which category you fall under.

Employees of ‘innovative economic projects’ and those engaging in an activity linked to their national or international reputation must make at least the equivalent of the legal minimum wage in France for a full-time worker (currently €1,399 per month).

Employees of international companies must be on a salary that’s 1.8 times the minimum wage. Those working in research and development for a ‘new innovative enterprise’ must earn at least double the minimum.

Highly qualified employees must have a salary that’s 1.5 times the average gross salary in France, which is currently €35,891.

Those taking up a corporate appointment in a French company must have a salary equal to three times the minimum wage.

Performers must provide proof of their financial resources, equivalent to 70 per cent of the minimum wage for every month they will stay in France.

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