Since 9/11, the UK’s terror danger has increased

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MPs have apparently been warned by senior security experts that there is an increasing risk of an impending terror strike in the UK.

The Mail reported on Sunday that there has been a “upsurge in extremist activity” as a result of the Middle East crisis, and this has led to politicians becoming more aware of the threat of terror attacks.

“The level of extremist chatter is off the scale,” an MP with knowledge of the most recent briefings said, according to the Mail. “This is something they’ve seen growing and growing. It’s like when the Twin Towers came down in 2001, there was a big spike of hate.”

The government’s independent terrorism reviewer stated that the Israel-Hamas conflict poses a “risk to our democracy” a few days before to the claims.

Jonathan Hall KC stated in an interview with Times Radio:

“When you see last week, MPs literally scared to show [in parliament], apparently wanting to change their behaviour in parliament because of threats that they’ve been receiving.

“If those are done in order to affect the way in which the government acts and way parliamentarians operate, then actually that does begin to fall within the scope of terrorism and might even call for counterterrorism response.”

David Amess, the Southend West Conservative MP, was fatally stabbed during an Essex constituency surgery in October 2021. Around the time parliament voted to launch airstrikes in Syria, a British supporter of the Islamic State carried out the act.

Jo Cox, a Labour MP, passed away just five years prior after a right-wing terrorist in Birstall, West Yorkshire, shot and repeatedly stabbed her.

The Mail claims that MPs are concerned that the existing “substantial” level of terrorist danger should be elevated to “severe” in light of the extreme rhetoric that has reached its greatest point since the September 11, 2001 terror assault in New York.

The prime minister urged the nation to come together to “beat this poison” and issued a warning that radicals are attempting to “tear us apart” in a speech last week.

His remarks came after George Galloway, the MP for the Workers Party, won the Rochdale by-election by running a campaign heavily focused on the Gaza conflict.

The Rochdale by-election “returned a candidate who dismisses the horror of what happened on October 7th, who glorifies Hezbollah and is endorsed by Nick Griffin,” according to Mr. Sunak, who called this “beyond alarming.”

Galloway declared that he “abhors extremism” and that he is “not responsible” for the endorsements he receives.

Since then, the prime minister has promised to “redouble our support for the Prevent programme,” which works to keep people from becoming radicalized, and he has given the Home Office instructions to use the legal framework already in place to prevent hate preachers from entering the country.

We have reached out to the Home Office for a response.

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