May the sanctity of Ramadan purify our souls

May the sanctity of Ramadan purify our souls
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Ramadan, the month of mercy May this holy month of Ramadan be filled with joy, peace and prosperity for you and your family. We all take full advantage of this holy month and strive for forgiveness and closeness to Allah. Ramadan is not only about fasting, but also a month of self-restraint, patience, charity and forgiveness. We seek Allah’s forgiveness in this month of Ramadan and try to make beautiful changes in our lives. In the month of spiritual purity, may Almighty Allah grant us all the tawfeek to purify our souls.

Last year we had Ramadan in this month, many of us have left this world before Ramadan this year, we pray for the forgiveness of all of them. We pray for the health of our family members who are sick, may Allah bless them with good health. Allah Ta’ala forgives all our sins and accepts all fasting, charity and all worship.

In this holy month, everyone should pray for all the oppressed Muslims of the world. Especially for the Muslim brothers and sisters of Gaza, may Allah grant them honor, victory and strength. May Allah remove their worries, ease their sufferings, heal the sick among them, protect those in danger, have mercy on the dead of torture and accept the dead as martyrs. Millions of Muslims around the world are living in fear, poverty and oppression may Allah help them all. May Allah be their protector and helper. May Allah Ta’ala keep all the people of the Muslim Ummah free from torture. Give tawfiq to escape from unjust imprisonment and false hulia. Grant the Tawfiq to live a righteous and pure beautiful life.

May this holy month be enlightening, peaceful and blessed for you and your family. This month is the month of mercy, forgiveness and liberation, I wish this month of Ramadan to return to our lives again and again. I pray that every day of the month of Ramadan can be spent in worship and please the Almighty Allah. Once again I wish you all a blessed month of Ramadan.


Tazul Islam
Social Worker
UK expatriate

Imperial Hospital Sylhet

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