NHS to hire 1,000 “much needed” senior doctors by 2025 as part of a new cooperation

NHS to hire 1,000 "much needed" senior physicians by 2025 as part of a new cooperation
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By the end of 2025, TERN Group and the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) Training Academy hope to have supplied the NHS with 1,000 much-needed physicians.

In order to comply with UK regulations and be qualified to operate in the country, the BAPIO academy will provide a special fast-track training plan for doctors at the consultant and registrar levels as part of this cooperation.

The doctors will complete a three-month programme in India to earn the General Medical Council (GMC) certification. The programme will cover topics like technical assessments, leadership evaluations, soft skills, administrative requirements, patient communications, policy and NHS inductions, bedside mannerisms, approaches, etc.

After completing the programme and receiving their foreign qualification, they will be eligible to work in the UK on a skilled worker visa. However, in addition to working a full-time job, they will also need to complete a one- or two-year programme at one of the partner universities to ensure full integration into NHS working practices.

Throughout their work, they will also be required to pursue ongoing personal development. As previously stated in 2020, the General Medical Council has decided that the plan will guarantee that physicians meet the necessary standards. As a result, BAPIO has been awarded a sponsorship licence, enabling them to sponsor physicians to work in the UK.

Professor Parag Singhal, CEO of Bapio Training Academy and Consultant Endocrinologist, commented: “We are excited about partnering with TERN to deliver an accelerated training scheme for doctors in India to be placed in the UK. The NHS is able to offer opportunities for higher training and India has the depth and quality of talent to capitalise on this.

“I have been hugely impressed by the work ethics and speed at which TERN can source and place senior medical professionals into suitable roles, four times faster than we have seen elsewhere.

“Their blend of innovative technology and deep partnerships in India with the government and leading associations makes them uniquely placed to deliver. BTA and TERN share a commitment to ethical international migration to enable social mobility and career advancement.”

Avi Nigam, co-founder of TERN Group, added: “We’re aiming to complete 300 placements in the first year, with a further 700 in year 2, so there should be an additional 1,000 fully qualified doctors working for the NHS by the end of 2025. That’s a goal we are very excited to deliver on.”

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