Bulgaria’s International Airports Fully Prepared for Schengen Entry

Bulgaria’s International Airports
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Bulgaria’s international airports are ready to comply with the new rules when the country joins the Schengen Area in part, according to confirmation from the country’s authorities.

Bulgaria’s interior minister, Kalin Stoyanov, claims that the nation’s airports are prepared to fly into Schengen and begin enforcing new passport-checking regulations on March 31, 2024.

Minister Stoyanov made this declaration after making an introspective evaluation.

Travel for Schengen nationals arriving in Bulgaria and passengers travelling through Bulgaria to the Schengen member states will be easier as of March 31, when Bulgaria formally joins the Schengen Area by air and sea.

Beginning on March 31, visitors from Schengen nations visiting Bulgaria won’t have to have their passports checked. All that will happen to them is routine security inspections.

Upon their arrival at Bulgarian airports, travellers from Schengen countries will be directed to specified gates. Through these gates, they will be able to enter Bulgaria without having to wait for long periods of time just to have their passports checked.

The same goes for passengers travelling to the Schengen Area from Bulgaria. They will have to undergo security checks, but there will no longer be any passport control for them.

However, the authorities have highlighted that the airlines will continue to require all passengers, regardless of their nationality, to present official identification documents.

As for persons travelling from Bulgaria to a country outside the Schengen Area, they will still have to undergo passport checks.

In addition, since Bulgaria will join Schengen partially, those crossing the land border will also continue to be required to undergo checks.

Bulgaria Will Start Issuing Schengen Visas From March 31, 2024

Another change that comes along with Bulgaria’s partial accession is that the country will start issuing Schengen visas from March 31, 2024.

Foreigners who are issued a Bulgarian Schengen visa will be permitted to enter the country and the other Schengen member states for stays of up to 90 days within any 180-day period.

As for national visas that Bulgaria issues before March 31, they can be used only for entry to Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus.

Moreover, Bulgaria will not permit entry of Cyprus-issued visas from March 31, 2024. The decision not to allow entry on this type of visa has been made due to the incomplete implementation of the Schengen acquis by Cyprus, according to the Bulgarian authorities.

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