Guernsey Island; A traveller’s paradise

Guernsey Island
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Just 10 suburbs and a small island of 24 square miles known to the locals as Guernsey. Put simply, it is 70 miles south of the UK and 30 miles west of France. It’s capital is Saint Peter Port. It was occupied by German soldiers for five long years during World War II. The British Isles consist of three island territories known as Crown Dependencies. These are the Bailiwicks of ‘Jersey’ and ‘Guernsey’ which later formed the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

However, all laws in this island are controlled by the UK government However, the mainland United Kingdom cannot interfere in local politics.

The UK Government works exclusively for ‘Iliweek’ International Radio and Defence. However, it should also be noted that Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sirk and the Commonwealth of Independent States are not outside the UK Parliament.

In terms of size, this island is 20 times smaller and only 65,790 people of different religions live here.

Wikipedia goes to Buoyed, the island was ruled separately by the Duchy of Normandy and the scene of knowing North Collearia later by Conquer. Holding the islands as a port superpower resulted in strategic advantages and restrictions as a result of naval and naval forces that combined to improve fortifications and the Guernsey militia. So it is said that your Queen had a special relationship with the island as a Crown Dependency. Housville House is known as the former of the French author Hugo because he lived almost here for 20 years in exile.

Now back to the weather, Guernsey has mild winters all year round, with mild summers and longer days. Hence, this small island is considered a paradise for travelers throughout the year. Although its not so far from the UK, but this island still unknown to many natives living in the UK. However, it is a travel paradise for all the other country travelers in the picture-perfectly decorated world.

Guernsey Island

Let’s take a look at the places to visit in Guernsey-

Castle Cornet:
It is the island’s capital St. Peterport
Located south of the port Castle Cornet is a 10-minute walk from St. Peter Port bus terminus. The castle stood guard over the town and harbor for nearly 400 years and served as the official residence of the Governor of Guernsey until 1672. which was later destroyed by lightning and explosions.

Fort Hommet:
It is a fort on the ‘Vazon Bay headland’. It was built in the Victorian era as part of the defense against the French and was restored in the 1980s.

Russ Tower:
This loop-hold tower was built in the 19th century to defend the island against the French. Which is now fully restored and beautifully maintained.

Guernsey Museum:
Which is open 7 days a week including bank holidays. The aquarium was converted from a WWII tunnel. Currently there are about 50 different rare and endangered artefacts on display.

Hauteville House:
Victor Hugo (French poet and novelist, known for Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) lived at Hauteville House during his exile from France. The four-story house is said to have been decorated and furnished by Hugo himself. Currently, part of the house has been converted into a museum and is open to the public. No tickets are kept at the entrance to the garden in honor of Hugo.

Victoria Tower:
This 100 feet tower was built in honor of Queen Victoria. He visited the island in 1846. Built of red granite It is the highest tower of the island’s capital, St. Peter Port, with a panoramic view from the top.

Little Chapel:
Beautiful little chapel which is probably the smallest chapel in the world. which is said to have been built by Brother Deodat.

Guernsey Tapestry:
The Tapestry Gallery contains a set of ten tapestries. A century of history of each island is depicted.

How to arrive in Guernsey:
It is accessible by ferry from Posmouth, UK, three days a week. The ferry comes three days a week, one in the morning and the other in the evening From there the ferry ride is only 2 hours.

Guernsey is also accessible by air daily. Numerous flights depart from morning to evening every day. Depending on the original time of the flight ticket.

Guernsey-Restaurants :

3-4 Star hotel-restaurant in Guernsey (residential, non-residential) there are about 45 to 50. And there are 3 of 5 star quality However, 3-star hotels offer special discounts on weekends.

In that case, one night bed-breakfast, swimming pool, gym is available for 190-200 pounds. 5 star hotels which cost 400-450 pounds per night.

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