UK’s new family and work visa rules

UK offers thousands of job opportunities with different visas
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In order to address visa abuse and lower unsustainable levels of legal migration, the government is putting new controls into place. These measures will significantly cut net migration.

Ministers claim that since immigration is “far too high,” the regulations are in place.

The government unveiled its new plan in December 2023, following the release of official data showing that net migration hit a record 745,000 in 2022.

What are the new immigration regulations, and who will be impacted by them? We know the following.

What are the new immigration rules?

As reported by the BBC, most people seeking work in the UK will still have to apply for a visa through the points-based system (PBS).

But from spring 2024, they will need a job offer with a higher salary.

This will rise by nearly 50 per cent to £38,700 from the current £26,200 minimum.

The amount will not apply to some jobs — such as health and social care. However, overseas care workers cannot bring in family dependants.

What are the UK’s new work and family visa rules in 2024?

According to the Government website, some of the changes have come into force and most of the rest will by April 11, 2024.

Here are the five changes taking place as published by the Government:

  • The minimum salary to be sponsored for a Skilled Worker visa is increasing, with the baseline minimum rising from £26,200 to £38,700 (but not for the Health and Care Worker visa, which includes social care, or for education workers on national pay scales).
  • Social care workers can no longer bring dependants (partners and children) on their visas.
  • Changes to the Shortage Occupation List to reduce the number of jobs where it will be possible to sponsor someone for a Skilled Worker visa on less than the usual minimum salary (the list’s main purpose).
  • The minimum income normally required to sponsor someone for a spouse/partner visa is rising in stages from £18,600 per year to £29,000 and ultimately around £38,700.
  • A review of the Graduate visa, a two-year unsponsored work permit for overseas graduates of British universities.

When do the new rules come into effect?

The Skilled Worker minimum salary increase will come into effect from April 4, 2024.

The spouse and family visa minimum income will first increase to £29,000 on April 11. It will rise to £34,500 later in the year and around £38,700 “by early 2025”.

The review of the Graduate visa has begun, with Home Secretary James Cleverly asking for a report by May 14, 2024.

How can migrants bring family members to the UK?

You are advised to apply before April 11, especially if your sponsor’s income does not meet the new £29,000 threshold.

The Home Office has confirmed those applying for an extension after this date will not be impacted by the new threshold.

How many people will the new rules affect?

Mr Cleverly said new rules mean that 300,000 people who came to the UK last year would not be able to come.

The Guardian reported that there were 82,395 family-related visas granted in the year ending September 2023.

Under the existing rules, the Migration Observatory says three-quarters of UK residents earn to bring a loved one from abroad, the Migration Observatory.

The Guardian says the new threshold will likely mean more than 60 per cent won’t be able to afford it.

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