Where Truth Meets in Dawn- Daily Dazzling Dawn

June 29, 2024
Daily Dazzling Dawn
  • We are grateful for our 1.5 million readers.

We appreciate the massive support and love for Daily Dazzling-Dawn. In a short period of the first 13 months, we touched 1.5 million with just our online version.

As a British Bangladeshi news network, it’s a privilege and an honor to reach so many. Our motto is to help and support our society through sharing the truth and positive journalism, reaching our 1.8 million community members in the UK and millions globally. We remain dedicated to delivering quality news and fostering a well-informed public, continually striving to improve and grow. Journalism has been our worship, livelihood, and pursuit of art. Google Analytics and similar web statistics showed that Daily Dazzling Dawn had a readership of over 1.5 million in just 13 months. 

Newspapers, with a few exceptions, are now the pious watchdogs of rogue capital. Even very small newspapers have many investors and directors. But we didn't want to sell our newspaper, our dream, for money. We even don't publish anyone's advertisement right away. We try to check the integrity of the establishment before taking the advertisement. Lots of even regional newspapers that have less than half the readership compared to Daily Dazzling Dawn started paying subscriptions for reading news in the online edition. But we are still trying, with our limited resources, to make it fully free for every reader.

We believe journalism can never be a product. We believe that the definition of professional journalism between TikTok and YouTubers is sky-deep. 

Our aim is in the UK to bring the prospects, successes, crises, and dreams of the 1.6 million British-Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi new immigrants living in the country to British policymakers and to the mainstream of the country.

The anchor of life is tied to the ghat of ethical journalism.

A year is too short a time for a daily newspaper. We are excited by this unprecedented response and support from our respected readers.