Nurur Rahim Noman


New Hope, Joy, and a New Dawn

July 14, 2024

Finally, a long-cherished dream of British Bangladeshis has come true! MP Rushanara Ali and MP Tulip Siddiq have been appointed as junior ministers in Prime Minister Keir Starmer’s cabinet. The community is rejoicing. This achievement marks a positive milestone for the Bangladeshi community, even though it could have happened many years ago.

New Era of Politics Beginning in UK

July 05, 2024

The Labour Party has achieved a significant victory in the general election, marking their return to government after 14 years. This historic win brings positive news for the British Bangladeshi community, as four parliament members of Bangladeshi descent have been re-elected in their constituencies. Notably, all four are Labour Party members, reflecting the community’s strong support for Labour.

British Bangladeshi should stay with mainstream

July 03, 2024

British-Bangladeshis should stay involved in mainstream UK politics and elections, for both the community’s interests and their own.

Upcoming General Election-Navigating Alienation: The Fact and Consequences

June 25, 2024

On July 4, 2024, a general election will be held in Britain. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unexpectedly announced the election ahead of the scheduled time, perhaps hoping that the Conservative Party could turn things around. However, the reality is that the Conservative Party’s politics have been crumbling for quite some time. The party has been plagued by various scandals, from the “partygate” during the COVID pandemic to the current election date controversy.

Celebrating the Visionary Behind Dazzling Dawn: One Year of Impactful Journalism

June 01, 2024

Munzer, whose full name is Munzer Ahead Choudhury, is a young man who is energetic and enthusiastic about his vision of journalism. I got to know him when I visited our home country, Bangladesh, in 2009 and met him in Moulvibazar with some of my best friends who are also journalists.

Need peace Worldwide, not War

May 15, 2024

Origami Dove - a symbol of peace! Universal meaning, a symbol of hope and peace; a troubled world, seeking peace, peace around the world!