UAE Offers Golden Visa Program for Students with Benefits of Residency

July 02, 2023
UAE Offers Golden Visa The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the launch of the highly coveted Golden Visa for exceptional students in an effort to promote educational excellence and draw top talent. Students who qualify for the prestigious Golden Visa will be given long-term residency after proving their exceptional academic performance and dedication to succeeding in their academic endeavors. UAE Golden Visa For Students High school students who have achieved a remarkable score of 95 percent or above will be granted the esteemed Golden Visa, according to an official statement released by the UAE government’s state news agency, WAM. This special recognition is a testament to the students’ unwavering dedication, relentless efforts, and determination in their pursuit of knowledge. Extending Benefits to Families Students will not be the only ones to profit from the Golden Visa; in addition, their families will be able to take advantage of the special privileges that come with this distinguished resident visa. This clause reaffirms the UAE's dedication to providing a nurturing environment for families, which is important because they help support and promote academic performance. Honouring University Achievers In addition to high school students, the UAE government will also extend the opportunity for university students to obtain a Golden Visa. To qualify, students must have achieved an honours grade with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 or 3.75. This provision applies to both local and international university students, further enhancing the country’s reputation as a sought-after destination for academic pursuits. Acknowledging Achievement at the Highest Level In a heartwarming gesture, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, personally reached out to congratulate a talented high school student, Yasmine Mahmoud Abdullah, who secured first place in the “elite track” of the country’s public education system. Sheikh Mohammed praised Yasmine’s exceptional achievement, highlighting her dedication and success in a Twitter message and sharing their conversation on social media platforms. Final Words The introduction of the UAE Golden Visa for high-achieving students marks a significant step towards fostering educational excellence and attracting top talents from around the world. This initiative reaffirms the UAE’s commitment to nurturing and promoting exceptional individuals who will contribute to the country’s ongoing advancement and success.

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