Thousands of Bangladeshis who came to UK on care visa are unemployed

July 29, 2023
Thousands of Bangladeshis who came to UK on care visa are unemployed The difference between the London of immigrants' dreams and the reality is now sky-deep. Coming to Britain by spending 15 to 20 thousand pounds for a full-time work visa from Bangladesh. Even though the bogus employers have guaranteed full-time work on paper, the employers are not able to provide even one hour of full-time work after coming to Britain. The average rent for a double room in a house in London has reached 900 pounds. Due to the economic recession, the job crisis is becoming more and more acute as the layoffs continue in various sectors of the country. Forced to work in the black market for half of the wages set by the government, but the work is not available. Many are living inhumane lives. In the field of work permit too, there are numerous complaints of the employer concerned not being able to provide work. on the other hand, there are countless people coming from Bangladesh on student visa Students are failing by submitting university assignments. In such a reality, thousands of Bangladeshis are spending their days in endless misery with the destruction of their dreams in London, the land of dreams. Munna Aziz, Saifur Rahman, Tanveer Ahmed and others who came to Britain on care visas were talked to by this reporter. They said, even after four to six months have passed after coming to Britain, the companies have not yet started their training. Thousands of Bangladeshi care workers are in fear of visa cancellation if the company does not provide work. Barrister Tareq Chowdhury, Principal Solicitor of Kingdom Solicitors said, those who are coming to Britain, they are coming just to come. As easy as it is to come to Britain, it is ten times harder to get a job. If you go through a broker without contacting the main employer, there is a 100% chance of being cheated. Where an employer needs two or three workers, that employer hired ten or twelve people. Now if there is no work, the visa is cancelled.The condition of work permit is that there should be work. Many people's are losing huge amounts of money, thousands of people are being cheated. Sahidul Islam, General Secretary of UK-Bangla Press Club, said that, If ten thousand care workers come from Bangladesh, eight thousand are unemployed. Luton's Liberal Democratic Party leader Mahbubul Karim Suyed said, A group of brokers have stolen hundreds of crores of pounds from them in the name of care visa from the middle.

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