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Kosovo may be the next destination for Bangladeshis going to Europe

August 30, 2023
Kosovo may be the next destination for Bangladeshis going to Europe Most Bangladeshis aim to settle in Europe. However, it is very difficult to get a visa from Bangladesh for working in countries like Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Germany. Nevertheless, Italy has been hiring workers for the past few years. But 70-80 percent of those applying are getting visas. Many are spending days in despair as their visas have been rejected. Kosovo may be the next destination for them. Kosovo is a country in the Balkan region of Europe. It was formerly a province of Serbia. With the help of the outside world, efforts are being made to make the country on the model of Europe. The official languages of Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian. The currency is Euro. Kosovo is bordered by Serbia to the north and east, North Macedonia to the southeast, Albania to the southwest, and Montenegro to the west. Also not far from Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo. The country is developing around the capital Pristina. The country's female president,Ovasi,is trying to get the Ottoman country to join the European Union. After the European summer holidays, the law is expected to be passed in September-October, allowing Kosovo citizens to work in other European countries without a visa. It is estimated that if this law is implemented, 80 percent of the country's youth will leave Kosovo and migrate to developed countries in Europe. Then Kosovo will need a lot of migrant workers. Since Bangladesh is a labor-exporting country, Bangladesh can take this opportunity. [caption id="attachment_1847" align="alignleft" width="216"]Kosovo may be the next destination for Bangladeshis going to Europe Kosovo Flag[/caption] According to experts, the Bangladesh government can send laborers through an agreement with the Kosovo government. Both countries will benefit from this. Bangladesh will get remittances and Kosovo will get labor. If Kosovo joins the European Union, Bangladeshi immigrants will also be able to easily enter any Schengen country from there. But there is a disadvantage to be said, the salary here is lower than other neighboring countries. The salary of most of the workers is 30 to 50 thousand taka per month. Meanwhile, according to Kosovo's labor law, employers are required to provide accommodation, lunch and medical insurance for workers. But many labor exporting companies bring in workers with false promises. Workers are still going to Kosovo privately. But nobody wants to stay in Kosovo. Kosovo is being used as a transit point by workers coming legally from Bangladesh. Going to another country.

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