At least 113 children died of dengue fever in Bangladesh

October 04, 2023
At least 113 children have died from dengue fever in Bangladesh this year as the nation sees the most noteworthy number of passings caused by the mosquito transmitted malady ever recorded, with the climate emergency cited as a major calculate, said Spare the Children. The tremendous larger part of child passings (86) are children beneath 10, with 38 passings of children beneath five. Over the nation, more than 1,000 individuals have kicked the bucket and around 225,000 have been contaminated with the sickness, counting over 38,000 children. The genuine number of passings and cases is likely to be higher as numerous cases are not detailed. Healing centers that were being utilized to treat COVID-19 patients amid the worldwide widespread are presently being utilized for dengue cases, with the healthcare framework extended to its limits. Children and youth beneath 20 make up around 30% of all dengue cases in Bangladesh, with more youthful children and are especially helpless to the infection since of immature resistant frameworks. Children regularly play exterior without long sleeves covering their arms, and numerous don't utilize mosquito nets to rest beneath at night. Children beneath five are especially at hazard from creating serious indications such as parchedness and stun from dengue. Dengue cases are rising universally with 70% of them happening in Asia. Universally, the World Wellbeing Organization gauges that 3.9 billion individuals - or half of the world's populace - are at hazard of disease. Half a million cases were detailed in 2000 compared with 4.2 million in 2022 – an eight-fold increment. [caption id="attachment_1456" align="alignleft" width="394"] WHO Controlling mosquito populations is an effective prevention against dengue.[/caption] The surge in cases is being connected to the climate emergency. Dhaka has seen its most elevated temperatures in six decades this year, with an abnormally hot spring taken after by overwhelming storm downpours. Stagnant water, indeed in exceptionally little sums, makes a culminate breeding ground for mosquitoes and the stormy season has not finished however. The El Niño climate marvel – which is anticipated to compound as of now rising temperatures in Asia – is additionally anticipated to extend mosquito borne diseases like dengue. Dengue could be a infection that's carried by mosquitoes and causes severe flu like indications counting tall fevers, cerebral pains and extreme joint torment - and in a few cases, stun and organ disappointment.

Dr Lima Rahman, Health Director for Save the Children in Bangladesh, said:

“Dengue is a relentless enemy, particularly when it comes to our children and their families. Its impact reaches far beyond the physical suffering of the infected child. It disrupts their education, puts immense economic & emotional pressure on families, and strains our healthcare systems. “We must remember that every case of dengue is not just a statistic; it's a person who deserves a healthy and happy life. We must continue our efforts to prevent and control this disease. “Education and awareness are crucial. We need to train and equip more healthcare workers to diagnose and treat dengue and initiate youth-led public information campaigns, so children and their families know how to protect themselves by removing stagnant water around their homes and using nets, screens and repellent.” Save the Children has been working with communities and nearby governments in six urban regions over Bangladesh to raise mindfulness of how to anticipate dengue. This has included running an evaluation in each community of people's information of the ailment; at the begin of the program, not a single respondent accomplished an 'excellent' score, be that as it may after a month of the campaign, 50% of respondents scored 'excellent', appearing a checked change in understanding of how to secure their families from mosquitoes. Save the Children has been working in Bangladesh to make strides the quality of children's lives for more than 50 a long time. To date, we have come to more than 2 million children beneath 5. We center on moving forward get to, utilize, and quality of wellbeing administrations, especially for those most affected by disparity and segregation.

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