British-Bangladeshis targeted by the fraudsters more than ever before

October 29, 2023
British-Bangladeshis targeted by the fraudsters more than ever before Millions of people of the Bangladeshi community in Britain are being subjected to endless fraud by organized fraudsters. Fraud is now the most common crime in England and Wales. All over the country scams where victims are tricked into sending money to fraudsters rose by one-fifth in the first half of this year, driven by purchase scams, where consumers pay for goods and services that's never materialise. According to data from trade body UK Finance, authorised push payment (APP) fraud rose by 22 per cent compared with the same period in 2022. Using the lack of awareness of the people, the fraudsters are making the people all their own by showing various tempting temptations. Despite the growth of fraud, and its cost to society, very limited police resource is dedicated to tackling the problem. However, new powers unveiled aimed at boosting competition, clamping down on subscription traps and fake reviews earlier this year. The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act received Royal Assent on Thursday 26 October. Housing fraud is now common in the community due to increased demand for houses and rooms to rent from new immigrants to Britain. Selim Mia, Syed Moinul Haque and several others Victims told the Daily Dazzling Dawn reporter that in the field of house rent, the fraudsters initially signed a fake contract after seeing attractive houses at a relatively low rent in various online media including market place, spare room. After pocketing the deposit and the first month's rent, they switched off the phone number. Upon further investigation, the victims learned that they had signed a tenancy agreement on a fake contract. Many times, on the day of entering the house, the tenant comes with the belongings and can see that the owner of the house is actually another person. Due to the pressure of increasing population, the Bangladeshis themselves are harassing people from new Bangladeshi's in the field of renting sublet rooms, including charging higher rents. British-Bangladeshis targeted by the fraudsters more than ever before A Bangladeshi named Selina Begum said, those who come to the United Kingdom from new countries think that there is no work outside London. Almost everyone wants to live in East London, the Bangladeshi-populated area of ​​the country. Using this opportunity, the rent of a double room in the house two years ago, which was five hundred pounds, now it is being collected from one thousand to eleven hundred pounds. KM Abu Taher Chowdhury, secretary of Voice for Justice UK and a senior figure of the community in the UK, told this reporter, In addition to the deception of organized fraudsters, the owners are inhumane by taking advantage of the housing crisis and capitalizing on the simplicity of people who have just arrived from the country by renting out rooms without a contract. We are getting countless complaints that owners are not allowing them to cook for more than one or two days a week, not to use the washing machine or even to take a bath for more than two days in purpose to save gas, water and electricity bills. He appealed to everyone to behave humanely towards the newly arrived immigrants. Fraudsters are grabbing money in the name of security deposit by opening Facebook pages and accounts in the name of getting good-paying jobs for newly arrived immigrants. There have been numerous complaints in the community of broken promises after thousands of pounds have been taken from those who came on a student visa to change the visa route to a work permit or care visa. Fraudsters are stealing money by opening fake websites in the name of giving cheap tickets for holiday packages and airlines. In the name of giving tax refund, money is being stolen from the bank account by cloning the government website and phone number on the mobile and collecting the personal information of the bank account. British-Bangladeshis targeted by the fraudsters more than ever before Fraud is going on in the name of giving cheap new model mobile phones. Besides, fraudsters are taking over mobile phones by using people's name, address and bank account information. At the end of the month, when the bill arrives at the address of the cheated person, he gets to know about the cheating. In the name of halal investment, the invested money will be safe and insured, in the name of various businesses including bitcoin, forex, in the last three years, several Bangladeshi clan fraudsters including Habib Sons Capital have robbed hundreds of people of their life savings starting from the sale of their houses. Ben Donaldson, Managing Director of Economic Crime at UK Finance, told, UK Finance this week releases its half-year fraud report, detailing the amount its members reported as stolen through fraud and scams in the first half of 2023. The country continues to grapple with its cost-of-living crisis, scammers are taking advantage of people’s increased financial vulnerability. To avoid fraud Online prior to transaction, Google the website, check the bank account before making any transaction, and research the company before investing. If someone offers a service at a relatively low price, check it again and again. Make money transactions through banks, avoid cash transactions, keep at least one eyewitness in any contract or viewing.

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