Ashwin highlights double standards on Shakib-Mathews issue

November 10, 2023
Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin recently expressed his thoughts on the controversial dismissal of Angelo Mathews in a YouTube video. Mathews, who called Shakib Al Hasan's call 'disgraceful', faced an unprecedented dismissal after adjusting his helmet before his first delivery. When his chin strap came off, instead of asking the umpire for permission, Mathews waved for a replacement helmet from the dugout. Shakib, informed by his teammates about the rules, quickly appealed for an overdue sending off, causing Mathews to leave without facing a ball. Ashwin noticed Mathews' disappointment.
“One group emphasizes the rules, while the other focuses on the spirit of cricket. Mathews faced helmet issues when he came to bat and wished to replace it. In another video, I observed Shakib neglecting to bring his guard against Sri Lanka but was permitted to rectify it later. It seems like a battle between these two nations,” he said.
“Regarding the timed-out incident, Shakib appealed, and the umpire upheld it. It’s worth noting that there’s information suggesting that Mathews had been cautioned by the umpires about the timed-out rule. However, Mathews was understandably upset about his dismissal. No one should be out in that manner, it’s disheartening for everyone,” he added.
The veteran cricketer highlighted the ongoing debate between following the rules and upholding the spirit of cricket. Ashwin reveals his own encounter with the time-out rule during the Test match against Australia.
“I aimed to slow down the game to reach the last over and it can be called stumps. However, the umpire informed me, ‘You arrived at the crease a bit late. If they had appealed, I would have ruled you out.’ I was genuinely surprised,” he shared.

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