British Bangladeshi MP Apsana in death threat

November 11, 2023
A Labor MP said she faced “increasing risks” to her safety, including “serious death threats” and threats to “take off” her hijab and her head in public. Apsana Begum, a Muslim, talks about her personal experience criticising the government for not using the King's speech to act against Islamophobia. The MP for Poplar and Limehouse said the situation was "getting worse" and was being exacerbated by people trying to "take advantage of the news by spreading hatred and division". Ms Begum previously said that people in her constituency were "alarmed and dismayed by the disregard for Palestinian lives" in recent weeks.
I am currently facing death threats and a torrent of Islamophobic and misogynistic abuse. -Apsana Begum
She called for a ceasefire from both sides in Gaza – Israel and Hamas – and the release of hostages. Speaking during the King’s Speech debate in the Commons, Ms Begum said: “I was also disappointed to see that the King’s Speech did not indicate that the Government will finally recognise Islamophobia nor take measures to address the soaring level of hate crimes against Muslims. “Indeed, the King’s Speech did not even mention that it is currently Islamophobia Awareness Month and nor did the Prime Minister mention it in his contributions today. “I am currently facing death threats and a torrent of Islamophobic and misogynistic abuse. In fact I’ve received such abuse since being elected, since putting myself forward as a candidate for elections and receive comments including, and I quote, ‘vile and filthy religion, importing vile and filthy creatures like Apsana Begum’. “The situation is escalating, not least exacerbated by those trying to capitalise on current events by spreading their hate and division. “I am now facing a heightened risk to my safety with serious death threats, threats to kidnap me, threats of sexual violence and threats about ripping off my hijab in public. It goes on and on. “Following the murder of Jo Cox MP and Sir David Amess MP, the Jo Cox Foundations has raised, and I quote, ‘abuse and intimidation of elected representatives, including violence towards them, is a growing threat to democracy’. “They highlight that abuse can make elected representatives feel they need to step down and put potential future candidates off standing altogether, with women, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and those with disabilities suffering a disproportionate level of this behaviour. “But as we know the problem is widespread and endemic. “Every single day people of Muslim backgrounds like me face discrimination and prejudice, the prevalence of negative stereotypes, harassment and hate crimes are only part of a whole structure of discrimination. “Muslims are also the most economically disadvantaged faith group in the UK, with some reports showing that half of British Muslims face poverty and deprivation. “At the same time we face institutionalised Islamophobia.” In the last election, Afsana, the Labor Party candidate, was elected MP after defeating the Conservative candidate, Sheun Ock, by about 29,000 votes. Although he was born and raised in Tower Hamlets, his father's home is in Jagannathpur, Sunamganj, Bangladesh. Afsana's father Monir Uddin was a councilor in Tower Hamlets.

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