Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 are now the same price

November 23, 2023
The Google Pixel 8 has been on sale for less than two months, but it's already receiving a whopping £100 off as part of the Currys Black Friday sale event. In fact, at this current price of £599, the Pixel 8 is currently the same as the suggested retail price of the Pixel 7 on Google's website. However, you must enter the code PIXEL100 at checkout. It's a great price for one of our current favourite phones. We gave the Pixel 8 a 4.5-star rating in our review, calling it "an absolutely powerful, camera-focused smartphone with compelling AI features and excellent long-term software support. "Let's analyse these properties a little. The Pixel 8 takes great photos for £699. Of course, this new Black Friday sale costs £599. Google's intelligent image processing capabilities are at the forefront here, with a 50-megapixel main camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera for sharp, high-contrast, and eerily clear snapshots. You can also do some clever tricks after taking a photo, like removing the photobomber or making sure everyone is smiling in a group shot. This touches on the "adorable AI features" part of the summary. Elsewhere, the Pixel 8 can do things like real time transcription and translation, while Now Playing means that it’s always listening out to identify the track that’s playing in your vicinity (should you wish it to). How about that “long-term software support”? Google has committed to an unprecedented seven years of updates for the Pixel 8, meaning it’ll still be gaining support in 2030. Throw in a tidy, compact design and Google’s gloriously crisp UI, and you have yourself a brilliant phone. At this price, the Pixel 8 could be the bargain of Black Friday.

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