‘It is so hard to argue the case for Black and Asian Brits to join the police force’

Baroness Louise Casey answering questions
Baroness Louise Casey answering questions
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When I first noticed appeals for Black and Asian individuals to enlist in the police, I was a teenager.

It attracted me because I lived in London and saw firsthand how many individuals I knew were unfairly singled out by the force for mistreatment, insults, and humiliations, including members of my extended family and several of my elder brothers’ acquaintances.

“Fitting the description” was such a commonplace excuse and officers are still using it even now to justify flagging down men and women of colour in their cars. I should know, I’ve been stopped more times than I can count.

Trouble is, the call for more Black and Asian people to join up hasn’t worked. Don’t take my word for it. Google the devastating 363-page assessment by Baroness Louise Casey last year which left London’s Metropolitan Police with nowhere to hide.

The report revealed a racist, bullying culture and found discrimination to be “baked into the system”. Among the harrowing tales, one Muslim officer had bacon stuffed in his boots, a Sikh officer had his beard cut and a female junior was subjected to repeated harassment. Minority ethnic officers were also much more likely to be disciplined or leave.

All that matters because we still do need a diverse police force, not just in London but across the country. But why join the profession when it is routinely weaponised against you? Why sign up when many of those already working there are living a nightmare?

Now the National Black Police Association (NBPA) has sent a rallying cry to ethnic minorities, warning them not to join the Met following what it calls a “racist and vexatious” misconduct investigation into a leading officer.

It is the first call for a boycott in 20 years. But the NBPA say Charles Ehikioya, chair of the Met Black Police Association, has been deliberately targeted for calling out the behaviour of senior officers – and for claiming he and his colleagues are suffering racism.

Tellingly, the Casey Report found Black officers were 81% more likely to find themselves in the dock than their white counterparts. Casey wrote: “Allegations against officers and staff of colour might follow when they raise their head above the parapet to call out poor behaviour. This is a pattern embedded across Met culture: speaking out often results in adverse consequences for the complainant.”

It is so hard to argue the case for joining the police when the facts and the culture that many Black people have warned of for years is held up to the light. I have friends and family within the police force and even this week we have been debating this. The solution surely can’t be going back to the way it was in the 1970s. Then again, what has changed?

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