Robotic Rishi: 12 Times Sunak Failed to Seem 'Normal

July 09, 2024
Rishi Sunak
  • Robotic Rishi: 12 Times Sunak Failed to Appear Normal

To better connect with the average person, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made a concerted effort to increase his relatability factor. Sunak's attempts to close the gap between the public's daily life and the halls of power, from spontaneous trips to neighborhood pubs to showcasing his mediocre culinary abilities, are indicative of his strategy.

Before giving his budget address, Sunak posed for pictures holding a sandwich and a cup of coffee, an attempt to engage the general public that failed. Since nothing says relatability like a multimillionaire drinking a latte, you know?

Sunak’s tweet about working from home was met with eye-rolls when he complained about the challenges of finding a quiet space in his multi-million-pound mansion. Sorry, Rishi, but most people don’t have a spare wing to set up their home office.

Sunak’s “money-saving tips” for families were met with mockery when he suggested cooking at home to save money, completely ignoring the reality of rising food prices and stagnant wages for many households.

While promoting the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme, Sunak tried to position himself as a champion of the people by subsidizing restaurant meals. However, critics pointed out that this mainly benefited affluent diners and ignored struggling businesses in less affluent areas. 

We even saw him waiting tables in Wagamama’s for another ‘I’m a normal guy’ photo op. As if.

Sunak’s attempt to demonstrate his eco-friendly credentials backfired when he posted a photo of himself taking the bus – only to be called out for boarding an empty bus solely for the photo opportunity. 

He’s mostly know for being the prime minister who has taken the most private jet journeys.