Boris Johnson, dramatic rise dramatic fall

June 10, 2023
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a dramatic rise to the center of politics in the wake of Brexit events in Britain. On Saturday (June 10), Boris resigned dramatically from the post of member of parliament. He also criticized the current Prime Minister in his 1,000-word resignation letter as a member of parliament. Political analysts are saying that Boris Johnson's political career is coming to an end for the time being from British politics by resigning as a member of Parliament. Critics say the situation made Boris's resignation increasingly inevitable. David Cameron, the most successful Tory Prime Minister in Britain's recent history, has to leave over a Brexit issue. Then Cameron's successor, Theresa May, eventually followed Cameron's path. Boris Johnson also succeeded in completing the Brexit in the last term, but he had to resign from the Parliament after the last Prime Minister due to various dramas. The British people are now in doubt about the exit of Brexit. Corona, the speed of political change and the Ukraine war have put Britain's economy in the face of a major shock. Meanwhile due to the Partigate scam during the Corona period Boris Johnson had to resign as a member of the British Parliament with his new story of grief. Analysts say that it is Boris Johnson who has been stirring the farewell call for two former British Prime Ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May, from within the party. The people of Britain have never before seen a leader of his stature to change his position overnight and change his previous statements to get the Prime Ministership. Boris made London unaffordable for ordinary people while mayor of London, his critics charge. Boris said 17 times in an interview when he was mayor of London that he would not stand as an MP again. A month later, he was elected MP from the Oxbridge constituency and won. Many British critics of this Prime Minister now deride him as the British Donald Trump. However, in the history of Britain's politics, Boris Johnson has created many records with his frequent changes in his political position, personal life, various activities and opinions as a political entertainer. For 800 years Britain has operated without a written constitution. Brexit and the changed circumstances of the Ukraine war, as well as many social, geopolitical and psychological uncertainties, are now in front of the British public. Boris's resignation from the position of member of parliament will not create any major changes at the moment. --- Munzer Ahmed Chowdhury 10th of June