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11-year-old British girl was shot and killed in France at a family BBQ

June 12, 2023
[caption id="attachment_221" align="alignnone" width="620"]11-year-old British girl was shot and killed in France at a family BBQ The gunman reportedly opened fire as the 11-year-old and her younger sister played in the garden. Credit: TF1[/caption] During a family BBQ in France, a British schoolgirl was fatally shot after an apparent argument with a neighbor over a piece of property. On Saturday night in the Brittany garden of her family's home, 11-year-old Solenne Thornon was killed when a neighbor brandishing a rifle started shooting. After the horrific incident in the hamlet of Saint-Herbot, close to Quimper, the girl's father, Adrien, was left battling for his life. The shooting, which is believed to have occurred as Solenne and her eight-year-old sister Celeste played on the swings and managed to flee, also injured her mother, Rachel. The suspect and his wife were taken into custody on the spot; they were described as a reclusive 71-year-old Dutch national. He is accused of murder and three murder attempts, according to a local police source. A block of property that was adjacent to the two properties is said to have been the source of years of tension between the neighbors. The shooter was allegedly "on drugs" when he initially pointed the.22 rifle at the Thornon girls as they played in the garden, according to an investigating source. "There was a dispute between neighbours, and a gun was produced," they said. "It appears that the couple next door wanted to kill all members of the family. Source: The Sun