Canada unveils new job opportunities for other countries

June 28, 2023
Canada unveils new job opportunities Nigeria and other nations will benefit from Canada's first-ever immigration tech talent policy, which will open up new job prospects. This occurs shortly after Germany implemented an immigration law intended to attract more workers from outside the European Union to the nation. The talent plan, which was introduced at the 2023 Collision Conference in Toronto, comprises fresh initiatives and enhancements to already-existing ones to support Canadian companies' success in a cutthroat business environment. “Over this year, Canada is going to be developing a specific stream for some of the world’s most highly talented people that will be able to come to Canada to work for tech companies whether they have a job offer or not,” Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said on Tuesday. “We are going to be launching a digital Nomads strategy which is going to allow people, who have a foreign employer to come and work in Canada for up to six months,” he said. He claimed they would spend money and live in local communities while here, and should job offers come their way, they would be permitted to stay and work in the nation. “Finally, we have been watching very closely what has been going on in the tech sector in the United States where we have seen a public narrative about layoffs. We have been having private conversations about opportunities” he added. According to the minister, going forward, as of July 16, they will have a stream that will allow 10,000 H-1B visa holders in the United States to come and work in Canada. “The reality is that you have the ideas but you need the talents. You have told us that and we have been listening. We are going to do everything we can to push Canada as the destination where your ideas can become a reality,’ he said. Because of its aging population and declining birth rate, Canada has been forced to step up its attempts to attract large, young, and dynamic immigrants by implementing immigration-friendly legislation. According to figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the nation welcomed 437,120 Permanent Residents (PRs) in 2022, a rise of about 8% from the total number of PRs in 2021. For Nigeria, it increased to 22,130 last year from 15,595 the year before, a 41.9 percent increase. The Canadian federal government launched an ambitious goal last year to welcome 500,000 immigrants annually by 2025, with nearly 1.5 million newcomers coming to the nation over the following three years. “We’re enthusiastic about the ambitious goals we have set in immigration because they aren’t just about numbers—they are strategic. With this strategy, we’re targeting newcomers that can help enshrine Canada as a world leader in a variety of emerging technologies,” Fraser said. Last month, Canada announced new measures to make it easier for families of recent immigrants to relocate to the country just a few days after the UK said it was restricting foreign students from bringing their families into the country starting next year. That same month, the country announced that its express entry was now implementing a category-based selection to help tackle labour shortages and boost the economy.