So called Certified captain floating tin can without certification

June 30, 2023
fact fast world Even 111 years ago the built Titanic was on solid infrastructure, great manufacturing skills been shown on while after 111 years later its an absolute shame how the Titanic submersible been built, Titanic submersible lost at sea raises legal questions for high-risk businesses. What happens when a dangerous activity goes wrong? The existence of a waiver form may not deter a wrongful death lawsuit. What prompted the travelers? A shared sense of adventure and a curiosity about the sunken Titanic wreckage — itself a 111-year-old deep-sea monument. Led by OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush, the passengers — British businessman Hamish Harding; Shahzada Dawood who is a member of a wealthy Pakistani family along with his son, Suleman; and Paul Henry "P.H." Nargeolet, a French seafarer and Titanic expert — boarded the Titan, a carbon-fiber submersible vessel, on Sunday, June 18. That vessel measures 22 feet by 9.2 feet by 8.3 feet according to company documents. It disappeared less than two hours after its mission began. But as the saga unfolds, the questions that are top-of-mind for some legal experts focus on the liabilities assumed by people and businesses taking part in objectively risky activities — the OceanGate-led journey to the Titanic wreckage being one notable example. The other question is, simply, what are the legal ramifications if something goes wrong, or worse, if the participants die while taking part in the activity? Who would be responsible?
"If an operator behaves recklessly, most courts will not let the operator off the hook " said the American high-court.
Writer: Dewan Wazer Chowdhury Sweden

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