Inu's kitchen, Women's success

July 01, 2023
Inu's kitchen Women's success In the digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for businesses to connect with their target audience. Inu"s Kitchen, a unique home kitchen venture, has taken this concept to new heights by establishing its presence solely on Facebook. During Pandemic time, when the whole world was getting tired of eating food of same taste everyday sitting at home, Inu"s Kitchen at that moment started its journey in Dhaka city of Bangladesh to deliver different kinds of delicious and mouthwatering foods at the doors of people by maintaining Covid precautions. They got a very good response all over the country for their initiative and qualitiful foods delivery. From then they didn't need to look back and it has been almost 3 years they are continuing to give their best service to people. Inu"s Kitchen serves different kinds of Frozen, Curry, Set menu and Desert items all over Dhaka City by giving Home Delivery Service. They also specially serve Sylheti Traditional dishes like "chunga pitha" and "shatkora" with beef curry in Dhaka city to keep the Tradition of Sylhet intact. Inu"s kitchen is now such a place where people can order delicious foods for their friends, relatives, closed ones in online system and make them surprised living in another corner of the world Inu"s kitchen not only brings the joy of home cooking to its customers but also cultivates a thriving community of food lovers

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