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More than 1 lakh Indian visa requests were denied by Europe in last year

July 10, 2023
Europe rejected more than 1 lakh Indian visa This year, the Schengen region denied 121,188 Indian visas, according to a report. An 18% rejection rate was recorded. According to Schengen Statistics, Algerian nationals had the highest percentage of their Schengen visa requests denied in 2022, with 179,409 visas not being issued overall and a 45.8% uniform visa refusal rate. The list of top ten countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates for 2022 also included countries like Turkey, Morocco and Russia, which had 120,876, 119,346 and 68,753 visa applications rejected, respectively. In addition, the not-issued rate for uniform visas among these two countries was 15.2, 15.5 and 28.2 rejections, respectively. Tunisia visa applications were rejected 48,909 times followed by the UAE at 42, 105. The last three countries with the most rejections are Nigeria, Iran and Egypt, who had around 30,000 applications denied. More specifically, 39,189 visa applications were rejected from applicants from Nigeria, followed by 33,679 from Iran and another 31,271 in Egypt. A total of 76,have applied for a Schengen Visa in India throughout 2022, taking the total amount of expenses for India’s Schengen visa application fees to more than €6.1 million. According to the Schengen Statistics, 76,352 people have paid an €80 fee for their visa application to Germany, with the highest amount being spent at the Mumbai consulate – a total of €4.4 million followed by New Delhi and Bangalore consulates with almost €1.1 million and €508,000 spent on visa application fees, respectively, while the number of applicants to these consulates is 13,341 in New Delhi and 6,345 in Bangalore. Data also revealed that 13 visas weren’t issued at the Bangalore consulate, taking expenses for these applicants to €1,040, while the expenses for applicants that got their visa applications denied at the Mumbai consulate reached €586,800 as a total of 7,335 visas not issued. New Delhi saw 1,519 applications being rejected, amounting to €121,520 in expenses lost, while Kolkata and Chennai saw three and five applications being rejected, with a loss of €240 and €400 in visa fees respectively.