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Muzaffarnagar Muslim boy unable to sleep after being smacked by classmates: Parents

August 28, 2023
[caption id="attachment_1811" align="alignleft" width="550"]The students took turns slapping their fellow student even as the teacher watched on. (Screengrab) The students took turns slapping their fellow student even as the teacher watched on. (Screengrab)[/caption] The Muslim student in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, who was slapped by his classmates as a result of his teacher's instructions, is unable to sleep and was transferred to Meerut on Sunday for a medical checkup, according to his parents. The parents, however, said the boy is normal, reported news agency PTI. “After complaining of being upset and not able to sleep throughout last night on Saturday, the boy was brought to Meerut for a check-up. The doctor said the boy was normal. He became disturbed due to several people, including reporters, asking him about the Neha Public School incident,” the father of the Class 2 student, told PTI. When asked about a compromise with Tripta Tyagi, the school teacher involved in the incident, the father said there would be no compromise with her. Meanwhile, Muzaffarnagar Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Shubham Shukla said the boy will be admitted to a government primary school provided his parents agree to it. "The father of the boy who was slapped does not want his son to continue his studies there (Neha Public School). The block education officer spoke to the boy, and he expressed his willingness to study in the government primary school in the village. On Monday, his enrolment will be done in the government school, provided his family is willing to do so," Shukla said. When asked about the enrolment of his son in a government school, the boy's father said the family has not decided about this as the boy is disturbed. Shukla said the private school in Khabbupur village will not be closed and normal teaching activities will continue. "The school has been asked to give in a month its clarification to the department regarding its affiliation. It has three teachers and runs classes from one to five," the BSA said. Shukla said the education department will make a decision against teacher Tyagi after the police investigation and their action. The BSA also said that the block education officer will go to Neha Public School on Monday and make arrangements for those students who want to come there for studies. The police arrested Tyagi on Saturday after she was accused of making racial remarks and telling her children to spank a Muslim classmate for not doing his homework as fury broke out from all sides. Tyagi was charged with violating IPC sections 504 (intentional insult with purpose to cause breach of peace) and 323 (punishment for intentionally causing harm) after the boy's family filed a complaint. These are both non-cognizable crimes. Such violations call for a warrant, are subject to bail, and do not result in an immediate arrest. In her defence, Tyagi said the video has been tampered with in order to stoke tensions. She claimed that the video was shot by an uncle of the boy. Kerala minister writes to Yogi Adityanath Meanwhile, Kerala minister of general education V Sivankutty wrote a letter to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath demanding strict action in the Muzaffarnagar student ill-treatment case. Sivankutty demanded a stern and immediate action against the individuals responsible for promoting divisive and harmful actions within an educational institution in Muzaffarnagar. Sivankutty also requested the Uttar Pradesh CM to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and emotional well-being of the students affected by this incident. Source: Hindustan Times