British Bengali Designer Collaborates With Nike To Redefine Modest Wear

September 10, 2023
British Bengali Designer Collaborates With Nike To Redefine Modest Wear In August 2023, British-Bengali designer Saeedah Haque successfully collaborated with Nike to launch a brand new, revolutionary collection of modest streetwear. Collaborative collection – Nike by You x Saeedah Haque, releasing August 11, 2023 – offers women a trendier, more exciting abaya option while focusing on overlooked issues like representation and diversity in fashion. As more Muslim (and even non-Muslim) women look for more options when it comes to modest dressing, Haque's new streetwear collection offers the perfect alternative to the traditional abaya. system. Hailing from North London, the British-Bengali designer and designer has attracted the attention of many people around the world. For a while, Haque struggled to find the perfect modest outfit choice, especially one that suited her style. To solve this problem, she started creating her own abaya. After interning at places like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and London's inaugural Modest Fashion Week at Saatchi Gallery, Haque picked up some useful tips to help her design her own brand. Haque has gained notoriety for creating stylish abayas that strike the ideal blend between heritage and the current streetwear trend. She has created the first premium streetwear abaya line in the world by incorporating chic and modern shapes and utilising materials that are responsibly sourced. Working on her streetwear abayas for years, this new collaboration will pave the way for Muslim women to be proud of their modest wear. Even before this collaboration, Haque told Vogue in 2021, “Comfort is the greatest luxury and loungewear is the new power dressing. I love to disrupt the formal day dress and it is through challenging things that we can innovate. Comfort is a power unlike any other. I want us to wear that power and take it to the streets.” Instead of reinventing the wheel, Haque used social media to create something incredibly unique that not only promotes modesty but also the concept of comfort and streetwear aesthetics. . This profound collaboration between Haque and Nike goes beyond everything we know about fashion and trends. Above all, it reminds us that fashion brands have the ability to bridge the gap between different cultures, helping to give a voice to talented individuals and groups that may otherwise be underrepresented. .