Explanation: What is happening in Bangladesh?

September 23, 2023
What is happening in Bangladesh? The sanctions that America have already implemented, because they do not see the context of fair elections in Bangladesh still now. The European Union has also announced to withdraw from the election observation in advance for the same reason. And the real opposition in Bangladesh thinks that the sanctions are the stepping stone to their power. They're more concerned about the satisfaction of Sanction than the steps to reach power by political movement. They want someone from America or outside to put them in power or organize everything. On the other hand, the government wants to play the election game like they once again to stay in power by any means possible. And behind the scheming from outside Bangladesh are the geo-political interests of foreign powers, Dr. Yunus is on the chess board as their pawn. Even after 52 years of independence, our country belongs to foreign countries Captive to the policy of own interests and benefits. Our political parties seem to depend on their foreign masters, not the popular vote or the suffrage political movement, to stay in power or at all to get to power. The common people have lost faith in any political movement in the country due to the continuous subtle strategies of the post-nineties governments to keep their power safe.

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