Elections without BNP!

October 17, 2023
Elections without BNP! The Awami League government and the Election Commission have finalized the preparations for the 12th parliamentary elections without the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the main opponent of the government. According to responsible sources, the government has decided not to heed the movement or foreign pressure. The rulers are unwilling to take any initiative to bring the BNP to the elections. They think that after the timely election and re-formation of the government, discussions can be held with all local and foreign circles. For this reason, the table to prevent the movement has also been finalized. If BNP does not come in the election fight, the government can create an atmosphere of competitive elections by keeping the party rebels in the field in many seats. Experienced people think that there may be a dialogue between the Awami League and BNP under the pressure of the United States. However, recalling the past experience, some say that there is no possibility of ice melting at all. The BNP will not go to the elections under any circumstances under Sheikh Hasina. And the Awami League will not accept the resignation of the Prime Minister. The position of the United States is more direct this time than other times around the 11th National Parliament election against the government. Enforcement of visa policies, swords of embargo, and polite orders in diplomatic language—Ban' continues. The people of the country strongly believe that this time, the main opponent of the government is the United States. Although there is tension within the government over the current role of the United States, the senior leaders of the Awami League, including the Prime Minister, are openly criticizing the role of the United States. Because of the Prime Minister's hardline stance, those who have been saying so far that the government will fall in mid-October Now they are softening their tone and saying that the election may be held without BNP going But the government cannot stay for more than three months. Neighboring India remains silent. However, there is a wide discussion about 'everything that has been done'. One of the 5-point recommendations of the pre-election observation team of the United States that came to Bangladesh is tolerance in terms of speech and open and meaningful dialogue on key electoral issues. The monitoring team believes their recommendations will pave the way for credible, inclusive, participatory, and violence-free elections. A senior leader of the ruling Awami League, speaking anonymously about the recommendations of the United States observer team, said that it is the stance of the West. In a fair and impartial election, the Prime Minister and Awami League are always committed to the people of the country. The US is trying to disrupt the election environment to put the BNP in power. He said that during the war of liberation, the United States sent the seventh naval fleet on behalf of Pakistan. And now they are openly campaigning to put the defeated forces of the liberation war in power. The people of the country know and understand the revenge they want to take after 50 years of independence. Bangabandhu's daughter will not bow to this conspiracy. Like this time, before the elections in 2018, the US delegation consisting of IRI and NDI visited Bangladesh. Regarding their recommendations, the foreign secretary during the former caretaker government was supported by the army. Tauhid Hossain said, I do not see any opportunity for dialogue in the current situation. In this case, it is political. There is a severe crisis of trust between the parties. They are busy pitting each other against each other. Tauhid Hossain thinks that the main responsibility of the government is to improve the situation. He openly said that he does not see any sign that the election will be fair and impartial. I don't see any change in mentality among the political parties. The situation looks like we may be headed for a one-sided election. When asked about Tauhid Hossain's statement, this Awami League leader said that Awami League President Sheikh Hasina always believes in dialogue and discussion. We want a competitive election with participation from all parties. The party that the people decide on will form the government. But the Awami League is not in a weak position to accept anyone's conditions and sit in on dialogue. Although the United States has emphasized the issue of tolerance in the speeches of the leaders of the two parties, the war is not stopping. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said on Saturday that the ruling party will no longer be allowed to play election games. He said to the Prime Minister, Cut it out, and resign. Your days are over. Otherwise, the decision will be on the streets. On the same day, General Secretary of the Awami League, Obaidul Quader, said that BNP is spreading confusion about the support of Westerners. They have started bringing activists to Dhaka with the dream of bringing down the government. He said, with a strict warning, that BNP will not be exempt in any way. BNP will be blocked if Dhaka is blocked. Political sources say that the BNP wants to give a final shake-up through the Dhaka blockade only after the puja is over. For this reason, activists from all over the country have started coming to Dhaka. Staying at a relative's house. The government is also making strict preparations to counter the blockade. Experienced politicians say that this is not a sign of dialogue and reconciliation but a sign of violence. China and Russia have already made clear their support for the ongoing development of the government and the continuation of democracy. Experts believe that India does not like the strict position of the United States. They still have diplomatic ties with the US but will side with the government as the elections approach. In this situation, the discussion that the election will be held without BNP is getting stronger in political circles. However, various sources also indicate that the position of the United States against the government will be tougher.

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