British-Bangladeshi's top childhood obesity rate in UK

October 20, 2023
British-Bangladeshi's top childhood obesity rate in UK According to UK government data, a greater proportion of British Asian children are overweight than other groups. And the worrying fact is that British Bangladeshi children are at the top of this list. Experts have expressed concerns over the disproportionate number of youngsters of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin who are having weight problems when they turn 10 or 11. Some 36.2 per cent of British Indians in this age group are classed as overweight compared to 32.9 per cent among white Britons, according to the statistics published by NHS Digital in August. The figure rose to 40.7 per cent in the Pakistani community and 45.1 per cent among British Bangladeshis, which was the second highest. Dr Anwara Ali senior GP form Tower Hamlets told to daily dazzling dawn on Friday morning, Genetics is an important risk factor of obesity among south Asians. This is because they tend to store fat around the abdominal area, increasing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.The key reasons for these concerns are due to higher risk of heart disease or diabetes in these children at a young age,she added. Earlier 2023, a UK University started a project which aims to tackle obesity in south Asian women by creating peer-led weight management support groups.

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