Many Bangladeshi restaurant owner's license canceled for employing illegal workers

October 27, 2023
Many Bangladeshi restaurants are closing in the face of continued Home Office raids because workers do not have valid permission to work in the UK and the owner's license is being revoked. Home Office raids also carry hefty fines for employing illegal workers. Bangladeshi restaurants are becoming one of the targets of Home Office's ongoing raids. In these raids, one after another, illegal immigrants, students coming on student visas who are not allowed to work full-time are being arrested. On the other hand, traders are tempted to get cheap workers at half or less wages in the hope of higher profits and end up having to close the business with fines. Recently, the license of a Bangladeshi restaurant owner in King's Lynn has been revoked. Immigration officers raided the Spice Inn, a Bangladeshi-owned restaurant in Lynn, in July this year. The raids saw four men working in uniform who were identified as having no legal rights to live or work in the UK. There, these undocumented workers were being paid much less than the minimum wage. One claimed they were only paid £50 after share room and board for a whole week. The owner of the restaurant, Abdul Shaheen, who has been running the business for the past nine years from Birmingham, a hundred miles away, has admitted his mistake. Jack Davies, chief immigration officer for the East of England, questioned whether Mr Shahin was in suitable control of the business due to living far away and worried if other licensing rules, like the sale of alcohol, were not being met. He added the raid on the Spice Inn comes amid a significant increase in the number of illegal workers being employed in Norfolk - nationally arrests have more than doubled in 2023.