Hungary wants to tighten Employment Migration rules for non-EU nationals

November 17, 2023
  • Hungary has proposed a law that intends to strengthen immigration control, citing concerns over mass migration.
  • The legislation prioritises job opportunities for Hungarian citizens, with a focus on defining eligibility criteria for residency, including limiting the duration of stay.
  • Residence in Hungary will no longer be indefinite, and automatic extensions for foreigners will be eliminated.
Hungary's Interior Ministry announced that the government has submitted a bill to parliament to improve immigration control. A press release issued yesterday, October 15, stated that the initiative was driven by concerns about mass immigration and that job opportunities in Hungary should prioritize the national population. According to the website "About Hungary" run by the Hungarian Prime Minister's International Public Relations Office, the bill aims to establish eligibility criteria for stay in Hungary, including the permitted length of stay. In this context, the statement emphasizes that the stay in the country is no longer permanent and automatic extensions will not be granted to foreign nationals. The ministry said anyone who violates Hungarian laws and regulations will be asked to leave the country immediately or face deportation. Furthermore, foreigners are only allowed to be employed if there are no Hungarian applicants for the relevant positions and the influx of guest workers does not exceed the number of vacancies. The length of stay is strictly limited. Furthermore, the entry of foreigners into Hungary depends on compliance with specific requirements, legal frameworks, deadlines and conditions imposed by the Hungarian state. The long-term stay and employment of third-country nationals requires explicit permission from the State, provided that their stay is in the interests of Hungarian society and does not cause harm to Hungarian nationals. In May this year, the Hungarian authorities passed a law on guest workers. In this context, Secretary of State Sander Tsomba emphasized strict measures against workers from third countries arriving in Hungary, stating that the purpose of this bill is not to reduce the large influx of job seekers into the country. Rather, it is clear that the aim is to strengthen the creation of local labor force New employment opportunities. The focus of this law is the active search for employment for people aged 25 to 65, young mothers, and the underemployed, with approximately 300,000 people in these categories contributing to the labor market. A month later, the Hungarian Parliament also approved a law introducing a new employment category for foreign workers, an important development towards expanding employment opportunities and promoting economic integration. According to the revised regulations, people from non-EEA countries can now legally stay in Hungary for more than 90 days.

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