Homosexuality: Views of Bangladeshi community in Britain

January 04, 2024
For the past two days, the news has been discussed in the community after the publication of the news in the Daily Dazzling Dawn, the first full English daily of the Bangladeshi community in Britain, about the concerns of the parents due to their children's same-sex relationship. People from different walks of life in the community expressed their own opinions and thoughts after the Daily Dazzling Dawn reported the news. Writer and journalist Farid Ahmad Reza is currently retired after teaching for four decades in Britain. He said, some of our children are becoming gay or lesbian. Parents can't do anything. I personally know a few such cases in the Bangladeshi community. I have been writing and talking about this issue since last few years. Gay or lesbian relationships are legal in Britain. The subjects are in the curriculum of schools. When I was in the teaching profession, I had to face some such complex situations.

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Children cannot share much with their parents. Due to distance from parents, he goes out and shares all these things with his friend. If parents do not have an exemplary personality or a beautiful and normal relationship with the family, it affects the child's mind. Apart from that, they don't tell their parents. We brought our children to this country. Many were born in this country. We have to bear their responsibility. Islam never supports gay or lesbian relationships. In addition to respect for religious and family traditions, there is also the opportunity to talk about gay or lesbian lifestyles in rational judgment. Family is the primary unit of state and society. The normal way to form that unit is the marriage of son and daughter. Those who do not think about the future of the society and want to enjoy life in a different way by abandoning the normal family formation, actually want to avoid their responsibilities towards the society and the state. Mother's love and father's care - both are needed for the child. A child born in a natural marriage can receive the true love and care of his parents. In the different environment of this country, the most effective way is the following character of parents and friendly and open behavior with children. Only then will we be able to lead our children to a healthy lifestyle. Poet, columnist Nurjahan Shilpi said, in the Bangladeshi community At present, homosexuality is the name of a disease worse than cancer. No one but Allah will understand the loud cries of the parents whose children have this in their families. I will share some of my views as a mother. My first three children are grown up and my eldest son recently got married. My younger child is much younger than the older three, but he has to be watched a little more than the older three. Because of this, I raised the older three. At that time, the media did not have so much influence, there was not so much discussion about same-sex relationships in the media, in school. I would say as a mother, the first thing in every family is the love of the parents to see the children grow up. Growing up with marital discord is one of the reasons men and women are averse to traditional relationships. Parents' love, Islamic morals, social-family harmony are all very necessary. Ohid Ahmed, former deputy mayor and current councilor of Tower Hamlets Council said, "Same-sex education is a sensitive and controversial subject. In my view, children should be allowed to grow up naturally without being educated about sex at an early age. Their focus should be on subjects like English, math, and science, as sexual education can wait until they are older." In response to a question, London's Lincoln Chambers Solicitors Principal Barrister Nazir Ahmad said, in recent years, a significant number of Bangladeshi homosexuals and transgenders have applied for asylum and permanent residence in Britain. however, Gay and transgender people who have claimed asylum in Britain could face having their visas revoked if they are caught faking it after receiving asylum. An organization called Apanghar works with homosexuals and transgenders of the Bangladeshi community, originally from Bangladesh, in Britain. When asked to talk to an official of the organization about the role of the organization in improving the lifestyle of homosexuals and transgenders from Bangladesh, he said that he is currently on holiday in Bangladesh. Will talk after coming to London.

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