In the first quarter of 2023, more than 27K non-EU citizens returned to another country

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EU CitizenAccording to data published by the European Office for Statistics (Eurostat), a total of 27,880 non-EU individuals were deported to other nations in the first quarter of this year, including both non-EU nations and other European countries.

According to the data, there was a minor rise in the number of returns of 0.4% between this figure and the fourth quarter of last year, according to

On the other hand, there was a noticeable improvement when compared to the first quarter of the same year, with returns rising significantly by 37%.

According to Eurostat data, a total of 111,275 non-EU citizens were given orders to leave an EU nation during the same quarter. Comparing this to the fourth quarter of the previous year, there was a 10% drop.

The number of orders granted for non-EU nationals to leave, meanwhile, increased noticeably by 24% as compared to the same quarter of the previous year (Q1 2022).

With a total of 4,190 people, France reported the biggest number of returns in the first quarter of 2023, making up 15% of all returns of non-EU citizens who had been ordered to leave their home country.


Following closely behind were Germany with 3,355 returns (12%), the Netherlands with 2,505 returns (9%), Sweden with 2,380 returns (9%), and Cyprus with 1,705 returns (6%).

Georgians led the list of nationalities among non-EU nationals who moved back to their home country in the first quarter of 2023 with 2,465 people, followed by Indians with 2,250 people, Albanians with 1,875 people, Turks with 1,365 people, and Moldovans with 1,250 people.

A total of 37,860 people, or 34% of the total, were ordered to leave France’s territory during the first quarter of this year, making it the EU country with the highest number of such orders. Germany reported receiving 9,905 orders to depart, followed by the Netherlands with 7,500, Italy with 6,920, Belgium with 6,470, and Greece with 6,350.

According to the Eurostat research, Hungary had the biggest relative increase in the number of people who were given orders to leave, with a considerable increase of 178%, going from 625 to 1,740 orders.

Moroccans made up the biggest percentage of those ordered to leave the territory of an EU member state, accounting for 9,500 people or 8.5% of the total. Algerians came in second with 9,275 people, followed by Afghans with 7,120 people, Indians with 5,885 people, and Tunisians with 5,245 people.


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