Hundreds Canadian visas on a fake wedding invitation!

Hundreds Canadian visas on a fake wedding invitation!
  • Biman turned back 42 passengers bound for Toronto in one day
  • A political party syndicate in Toronto-Sylhet
42 Bangladeshis couldn’t go to a wedding in Toronto, Canada. Biman Bangladesh Airlines passport checking unit officials have ruined their dreams of Canada. They boarded the plane after completing immigration from Sylhet on November 6. On November 7, they were supposed to board the BG 305 flight of the Toronto-bound plane after a transit at the Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. But the airline officials stopped because they could not show the necessary documents, including hotel bookings.
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Finally, Biman left them behind. After unsuccessfully negotiating with the officials all night, they finally took the luggage and headed home. According to reliable sources, they all obtained Canadian visas with the same invitation letter and forged documents. There is an uproar in Sylhet and Toronto. Biman Authority is investigating the matter.

According to several sources in Dhaka, a syndicate of Toronto and Sylhet made fake documents and gave them visas. According to sources, the members of this syndicate made deals with hundreds individuals and families from Sylhet who are interested in going to Canada. They create a imaginary wedding invitation in Toronto in the names of these people. At the same time all necessary documents are forged and apply for visa separately.

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According to a source, the bride’s father invites a few people, the bride’s mother invites a few people, the bride’s brother and uncle invite a few people in this imaginary wedding. Even the bride herself invited some people to the wedding. Miraculously, almost everyone got the visa. However, multiple sources in Toronto say that there is no such wedding ceremony as per the invitation. A fake marriage card has been printed. Basically, they were being taken to Canada with a large amount of money in the contract.

According to a source in Sylhet, the syndicate was able to send 25 people safely to Canada in mid-October. About 8 more people arrived in Canada in the last week of October. All of them are said to have already made refugee claims in Toronto. On November 6, this syndicate together completed immigration in Sylhet to send 42 people to Canada. For this reason, they easily passed the immigration by bribing the officials in Sylhet.

According to a responsible source of Biman in Dhaka, they were waiting in transit at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka to catch Biman’s Toronto flight on Monday night, November 6. At that time, the members of the passport checking unit of Biman became suspicious of their behavior. They found that almost all of them had Canadian visas affixed to their white passports. This raises more suspicion. Biman officials wanted to see their invitations and hotel bookings. All passengers showed the same wedding invitation. When the officials wanted to see the hotel booking, some house rental documents are shown. The passengers said that since they were going to a wedding, they had rented a house to stay together. Some passengers make hotel bookings while sitting at the airport through their relatives in Toronto. A wedding in Canada with so many guests from Bangladesh! Biman officials were surprised. At that time, Biman officials sent emails to Singapore and Delhi to verify the authenticity of their visas. Passengers are informed that they can board the plane only after the Canada Border Agency confirms it. Even if the flight is gone, the airline authorities will keep everyone in the hotel and ensure the November 11 flight. But as no information was received from Singapore and Delhi until the next morning, the air authorities cut off the immigration seal given by Sylhet in the passport and sent them off with their luggage. To offload the luggage of these 42 passengers, the Toronto flight left Dhaka about half an hour late that day.

Another Biman source said that after receiving Biman’s email, the Canada Border Agency reviewed the passengers’ documents with a third party in Delhi. According to sources, Canada Border Agency officials were surprised to see the review report.

Not only these 42 people, more than 75 people get visas for the same wedding invitation. And already about 33 people have reached Canada. The Canada Border Agency has reported the matter to aviation authorities. According to Biman sources, if these passengers would get stuck at immigration after reaching Toronto, Biman would be fined 1800 dollars for each passenger. And because they could not go, Biman lost almost a crore taka. There is also a backlash going on regarding this. The airline authorities want to leave the responsibility on the passengers. And the passengers are saying that, our visa is valid, the airline authority did not let us go. So there is no opportunity to pay the responsibility of the ticket to the passengers.

Biman’s internal investigation team went to Sylhet last Thursday to investigate how these 42 passengers got their boarding cards from Sylhet. They spoke to the officials on duty at the airport at the time. The investigation team tried to speak to the returning passengers but the passengers did not respond to their calls.

According to airport sources, most of these 42 Toronto-bound passengers are workers and their family members of a political party whose registration has been canceled by the High Court. Those in Toronto and Sylhet who made the process of sending them to Canada are also influential leaders of the group. According to sources, after the 42 passengers were detained, three influential leaders of the group put a lot of pressure on the Biman authorities to release them. One of them was a one-time influential leader of the student body of Chittagong University. Even when these passengers were passing Sylhet immigration, several persons of the syndicate were at Osmani Airport. On the news that the passengers were stuck, the syndicate head in Toronto also ran wild. They tried contacting the Canadian High Commission. Send instant hotel bookings for multiple passengers.


An influential traveler businessman in Sylhet said on condition of anonymity that the members of this syndicate are very good. They are desperate for money. Misleading people. He said, the return of these 42 passengers caused a huge loss to Bangladeshis. From now on, the Canada Border Agency will exercise greater caution in issuing visas. At the same time, airlines will also harass passengers. Even if the visa is valid, the passengers will be detained. He said, many who have already got visa are now afraid to fly.


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