Sunahwar Ali

Contributing Editor

From 26th of April 2024 Sunahwar Ali, former Chief Whip of London borough of Tower Hamlets and prominent figures of the 1978 Anti Racist Movement joined as contributing Editor.

First timers in history are two Bengali ministers in the UK Rushanara and Tulip!

July 10, 2024

On Thursday 4 July 2024 UK general election four Labour Party seating MP re-elected that includes Rupa Haque MP, Apsana Begum MP, Tulip Siddique MP and Rushnara Ali MP.

Mayor need to save himself by supporting Rushanara?

July 01, 2024

In Tower Hamlet Mayor Lutfur Rahman single person in a middle who enjoying support from both British leftwing block that is including Jeremy Carbine, Ken Livingston, Christine Shawcroft, Baronesses Paula Uddin those who are keep our of the labour party due to their control frick activities and actions.

Time to face reality and facts instead of playing race card

June 27, 2024

Only unintentional remake by the labour party leader by mention one country name didn't made a big deal which thousands of Sylheti/Bangladeshi fake Care workers visa and students visa agents made millions from them where buying house in Dubai other different countries with innocent people money.

4 Bengali MPs; Our pride

June 18, 2024

Four Bengali MPs who are became part of the mainstream politics in the UK where both Rushnara Ali MP and Tulip Siddique MP and two others became good role models for young generations Bengali to follow and become proud of!

At first time Rushnara Ali come to limelight her visit to Sylhet in 1997

June 08, 2024

Tower Hamlets -Sylhet Twining Accord delegation from the Tower Hamlets Council where at same time the Onna King MP and Her PA Rushnara Ali current MP of Bethnal Green & Bow visiting Bangladesh! The first time Rushnara Ali got on the limelight in Sylhet visit in December 1997 where as a MP’s PA never given opportunity to give speech where their MP is a chief guest!

Reflections to memory lane- part 3

June 05, 2024

Somok Ali Noor Bhai was a great anti racist campaign activist and fighter during the 70's. In 1980 facts funding mission to Bangladesh and Somok Ali Abdul Noor Bhai was one of the Bengali community delegation members representative of Bangladesh Youth Movement ( BYM). He is going to be remembered for his contribution.

Daily Dazzling Dawn gained the trust of more than 1 million readers in a year

June 01, 2024

On June 2, 2023, a small group of people under the direction of Munzer Ahmed Chowdhury, a longtime journalist who began his career in Bangladesh and eventually moved to the UK, launched Daily Dazzling Dawn. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him for his bravery and strong will in beginning Dazzling Dawn as a newspaper, which has faced numerous setbacks in the UK.

Brick Lane 1978: Turning Point

May 04, 2024

4 May 1978 murder of Altab Ali by three white racists on local election day was a turning point for Anti Racist Movement and blessing for Bengali community in East London that came to a point matter for survival for ourselves which, we Bengalis where deprived living in the most deprived and rundown area in the UK.

Three Islamic Bank corruption scandal Repeal by the Bangladesh High Court!

April 30, 2024

Is the Bangladesh High Court becoming an institution of issuing authority to provide a certificate of legalization of corruption? Three Islamic banks of Bangladesh where the High Court Appeal deviation order not to proceed with the major corruption scandal issues on 30 April 2024.